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My name is Fayola Perry and I am AirMaxine. 

For the past 10 years I have worked in every aspect of "industry".  From writing press releases for upcoming Hip Hop shows to promoting them, I've hosted a myriad of events in music and entertainment - comedy shows to sold out soul & soca concerts.  

The entire time I was building my name behind the proverbial curtains, I was simultaneously  working in some of the most amazing streetwear/sneaker shops and salons in California and New York, helping the very entertainers I was writing about, get fly.  

One of the most consistent things I observed was how many women I met like me - multi-faceted, spinning multiple plates and holding multi-hyphenated titles and overall holding it down.  The women in these spaces kept things going and put sneaker to sidewalk every day.  AirMaxine is a hub, a directory, a message board and an ever expanding community for all of these women building their brand, their legacy at the intersection of fashion and the entertainment industry. 

Cheers to putting fire kicks through glass ceilings!

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